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Friends' weddings

These days for me it is impossible to go to the wedding of someone I like without taking my camera. For me the wedding is one of the best parties in existence and each wedding is a unique event. What photographer in their right mind would leave their camera at home?

I know that in these weddings I'm not the acting professional and thus I usually do a minimalist exercise. I take my camera, the 50mm and the desire of, with only those things, creating good images. I keep looking around an I always try hard to not get in the way of the hired professional, just like I like to see others do when I'm the professional. I don't ask for poses or special favors. I keep looking, and shooting.

This way I get to see the beautiful things at the wedding, the ones I like to capture. The uncontrollable smile on the groom's face when he can't contain his happiness. The complicity of the bride and groom during their first dance as husband and wife while others join and dance around them. The fun the bride is having surrounded by friends in that unique night. The passion that friends and relatives remember and relive supported by the passion that bride and groom have for each other.

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