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How the weeks fly by...

My brain is jumping around. The leaps are so big and frequent that I think that this must be the fifth time I sit down to write this blog post...

Having several jobs sometimes isn't easy and because of that I've been changing hats quicker than Elton John on a night with 5 parties!

Because of trying to make this independent adventure of my photography flourish, this past week I started in marketing manager mode, searching for the best way of putting the internet on my side and my social networks all marching neatly in line. Because of that I moved into student mode to be able to learn a bit more about social media marketing. Yes, I did a small course online in which I learned more about making businesses thrive on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Meanwhile in the middle of the week I returned to the photographer hat since I went to another retirement home to meet some more nice people and to do some senior portraits (more news about that soon) and there was also another more creative portrait session which was quite a lot of fun.

In the intervals there was still time to put my secretary hat on to answer emails, handle appointments, clearing doubts and so forth, as well as for the image editor hat to do some post-production to a series of images.

I don't consider myself a disorganized person, but no matter how much I try and how much I do, I always get the feeling that there is more to be done. I have a series of ideas of things that I want to make happen and that, until now, haven't gone further than the to do list on my phone/computer... (for lists I use Wunderlist, phone app that syncs with the same computer program, and I recommend it)

My saving grace is that now starts a new week and with it come more opportunities to do more things!

I know that I'll be able to scratch some items from my list. The true question is: Will I add more than the ones I scratch off? ;)

Have a great week peeps!

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