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Breaking the routine

Wednesday was the day of doing something different, following the advice of a friend and going for an out of the ordinary morning.

I have a friend that is a bodyboarder and for a long time now he has been telling me to go to competitions take pictures and eventually try to sell them to specialty magazines. Since he told me about a competition at Nazaré, which is actually pretty close, I decided to go there, get my feet in the sand and in the chilly water and at least try out the taking pictures part.

I had breakfast, and instead of sitting down at the computer with emails and unedited pictures, I hid my trunks under the jeans and I hopped on the motorcycle on my way to the beach.

When I arrived immediately the mix of movement and lack thereof was superb. The ones who get up early from their improvised caravans stand out from those that sleep in opened car trunks or back seats of cars parked on the dirt roads that lead us to the beach.

I realized that there is in fact an opportunity for business, just not the way I expected. :P

You can see a bit of everything when it comes to people: The PROs and the casuals, the participating and the observers, the ones that are just walking around and the ones who sit to enjoy the show.

There are also those who walk dogs and dogs that walk themselves.

There are weird footprints on the sand that these amphibious animals leave behind when they walk into their preferred environment.

There are those who slice through the waves, those who stand out above them and those who disappear in their midst.

But deep down what I think there is more of are people that, when they return to their land form at the end of the day, still know that there is more to this life than work.

And above all are always thinking about getting back to what they love the most.

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