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Raquel & David | Engaged

Around here we are keeping busy with the preparation for all the weddings of 2017. The season is about to start but before that, last Wednesday, I shot an engament session!

This time with Raquel and David, whom I met last year to talk about their wedding and again when they chose me as their photographer.

Naturally we kept in touch, but I like these sessions because they give me the chance to spend some more time with the bride and groom and to get to know them better.

As is my custom, when they asked me where we could go for the shoot, I suggested they pick a place that held meaning for them, because I know that also contributes to the meaning the images carry with them, on that layer that is between the image we see and the one we feel.

David told me about the beach where they started dating and where he proposed to Raquel, but he told me straight away that it wasn't the easiest place to get to, that it was kind of hidden and out of the way, beyond some bumpy roads. I told him that if the place was that special, it would certainly be worth going to!

I met them at the end of the afternoon, at a café a few kilometers away from the hidden and not so great roads that David had told me about and as we had coffee they told me how they discovered the beach on a certain day when they wanted to go for a drive to Mira on a road that would be closer to the sea.

In searching for the way, they turned onto a road, following a sign that only they read differently, and found their passage to a special place. David said that when the road became more irregular, he asked Raquel if it was a good idea to go that way, and she insisted that it was, that forward was the way to go. He also confessed that that is one of the things that he likes and he admires about her, the fact that she pushes him to go further and makes his doubts fade.

And the truth is that they got there, to their beach, on the road that some know but they made their own by giving it a different name.

(Obviously I can't let the cat out of the bag and tell you where it is, to not run the risk of make the place popular and ruining their spot!) ;)

Here are some photographs and all we have to do now is wait for the big day!

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