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Mariana & Pedro | Married

It's already February of 2018?! Holy smokes! Happy New Year everyone!

January was a month with bureaucracy to take care of and very little time to do the most beautiful parts of the job. But now that I'm done with that, I still have stories from a couple of weddings from the end of 2017 to tell you!

So here's Mariana and Pedro's story:

I've known Mariana for quite a few years now. Even though we're not related there are some family relationships that draw us closer and, because of that I was happy when she and Pedro considered me to be their wedding photographer.

We had the opportunity to do an engagement shoot in Lisbon, during which e started on the south side of the river and to which we returned at the end in time to catch the sunset.

They are a relaxed couple and so we went for a stroll to some places where they usually wander relaxingly.

It was great, because that way we were able to chat about some details of the wedding day.

Their wedding was at Quinta do Hespanhol, a spectacular venue and that, despite the showers having precluded the ceremony outside, allowed us to walk around, between the bits of rain, right before the ceremony, for their first look.

The first look is quite rare for weddings in Portugal, but they often give us wonderful moments between bride and groom, even before the guest show up for the ceremony. It is a great option for afternoon ceremonies, during times of the year when the sunset happens sooner, as is the case in November. (It's a great tip for those planning for this time of year!)

After the ceremony, in which the bride and groom exchanged their vows with emotion in their voices, and where there was also someone that read aloud poems written about their Love, festivities ensued. Basically it was a continuous party, from dancing entrances to sprinkled toasts, all the way until the cutting of the cake and the flight of the bouquet. The party continued into the night with the most resilient celebrating until the wee hours of the morning.

Here are the photos!


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