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Lídia & Edgar | Married

Lídia and Edgar celebrated their special day in the middle of August's heat! It was a day with lots of sun, smiles and dreams came true!

I had had the chance to walk around the hidden corners of Leiria, and also at the beach, with them and I was able to realize that they are the type of couple to whisper and exchange smiles secretly, with a lot of affection in their eyes. :)

They chose to get married in a small village in the Leiria area, Amor! (Amor means love in Portuguese!) Yes, because that is what they have in large amounts for each other!

On the wedding day both the wedding rings and the bride and groom took rides on a Citroen 2CV!

Of course that before the bride and groom rode in it together, their family members and friends made sure that they would have enough rice, in their hair, in their pockets, etc. In fact to completely negate the risk of running out of rice, the bride's brother brought a whole bag!

There were a couple of toasts right as they left church and everyone's spirit was raised before they went to Quinta das Oliveiras.

During the afternoon we had the chance to go for a stroll near the spring of the River Lis and also to Batalha, where we magically made tourists disappear and we made some beautiful memories. (No tourists were harmed in this magical process!)

When we returned to the quinta, a lot of dancing, strong emotions and trains of happy people ensued, until it was very late and until everyone's hearts were full and feet sore! :)


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