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Stéphanie & Kevin | Married

Stéphanie and Kevin also came from France this past summer, but their roots are mostly Portuguese. That was why they decided to have their celebration here, during our very warm August!

I met up with them a few days before the wedding, they told me how the preparations were going while we had coffee and then we went for a short walk in Leiria, with some photographs in the mix, of course! :)

On the day of the ceremony, the distance that connected the places where the bride and the groom were getting ready and the church was quite small, everything in the same little village. You could even walk from one place to another. Quite far from the confusion of Paris, but quite close to family and friends.

The bride and groom are parents to a little man that despite still liking his pacifier a lot, can also wear a suit elegantly!

The ceremony was calm, with some adult helpers as usual and other smaller ones that were also well dressed. The smaller of which walked around to every nook and cranny of the church, unstoppable.

But a wedding day is a day for fun and after heavy "ricefall" during their exit from the church, the playfulness continued at Quinta das Palmeiras in Leiria.

There were quieter moments while the adults chatted to catch up about the news in their lives while the children played around amongst themselves, but then Nuno Carreira was there to get everyone moving during the afternoon and evening!

And what a night it was! Even the quinta's staff joined in to do the dance for one of the songs!

The proof is in the pictures!


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