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Sandrina & Santiago | Married

What do you get when you put a professional violinist together with a huge fan of the sea and surf? A wedding by the sea with music as the theme! :)

This is Sandrina and Santiago's story, she is portuguese (but was born in Canada) and he is spanish. They live close to Oviedo, where Sandrina plays in the philharmonic orchestra, but they decided to come to Nazaré to get married. The place with the huge waves that Santiago loves!

During the photo session before the wedding they walked around in Nazaré, from the village to the beach, and both I and Tiago Cardoso (who makes some wonderful videos!) went with them. We went to famous landmarks and discovered some hidden nooks at the beach.

On the day of the ceremony, we returned to Nazaré to enter the big church at the top of the village, where family and friends gathered along with some curious tourists! :)

The party happened at Quinta da Falca, really close to the sand and the waves, with lots of music and dancing during the afternoon and evening to keep everyone moving. Not to mention the traditional games and a bit of surf, the kind that you don't need to get wet to do!

The synergy was such that the bride and groom even hired Nuno Santos, a violinist and DJ well know precisely for surfing the waves at Nazaré while he plays the violin! There could be no better entertainer for this party, right?

Here are the photos.


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