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Anaísa & Túlio | Married

Today is Valentine's Day and I'm here to show you a wedding in which the bride and groom are still just that, each other's valentine.

They've been together a bunch of years, with children and an entire life in common, but they decided to come at the end of last year, from Brazil to Portugal to celebrate their wedding in their faith at Fátima.

They planned a small ceremony with the relatives and friends that came with them. They didn't throw a huge party, but they certainly enjoyed the time together with all of them in the days they spent here, at the ceremony and at the great lunch they had at the Tia Alice restaurant in Fátima.

For them the ceremony didn't need a lot of to-dos; it needed the closest family and friends, it needed to be at the Sanctuary in Fátima and they wanted photographs.

After all, capturing the smiles, the moment in which the groom asks for the priest's glasses and the heartfelt hugs from their friends, is always important.

For this last part, I was very happy to be there so that they could keep those memories in images, forever.

So, to all the brides and grooms and the married couples that are reading this: Never forget what's important, be each other's valentine, always!


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