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Happiness next to the Tejo

The 19th of June 2021 was a day of much happiness right next to the river Tejo, in Montijo. At a small beach that almost no one knows, inside an Air Force base, a beautiful small wedding happened, in which I had the opportunity of photographing many smiles, including those of a huge friend of mine, the groom.

Sofia and João decided to have their celebration there because it is a significant place for both of them, they're both in the military, and I'm sure it was also because of the fantastic view over the Tejo. Not everyone can say that they got married on the beach with the 25th of April bridge as the background! ;)

It was a shorter day than the typical Portuguese wedding, with a small number of guests due to the restrictions of the time, but it was beautiful because of the feelings that showed on the faces of the bride, groom, and guests.

I don't recall seeing Tex (his nickname in our group) smiling as much as he did on that day, and it was wonderful to see Sofia smiling with him the same way.

One of the cutest details of the day was the paper rings. João made a pair and Sofia, during the ceremony, after being surprised with them, explained that the first rings they exchanged were paper ones! That's why João reproduced that moment on this day before the more permanent wedding rings were exchanged!

Even though it was a shorter wedding, there was enough time for everything, including: birthday cake for the bride, that had her birthday during the week but didn't have time to celebrate in the middle of wedding prep; wedding cake with figures that represented the bride and groom in their Air Force jobs; Air Force traditions in which the groom was momentarily upside down; and some photos of the bride and groom that varied between the peace of feeling the wind on your face next to the one you love and the groom cartwheeling in happiness.

As the evening came to a close the bride's bouquet took flight and the last selfies with friends were taken to finish off the day in style!

It was beautiful! Check out the photos below.

Este foi o momento em que o João se apercebeu que não tinha trazido as alianças para o local da cerimónia! :D


This is the moment João realized that he hadn't brought the wedding rings to the place where the ceremony was! :D


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