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Love, family and fun!

This wedding day started with a family breakfast, and it's quite a large family!

Karine and Sébastien came from France to celebrate close to the ocean in Portugal. They took advantage of the space at Noiva do Mar (it means "Bride of the sea"!), to stay together with the whole family and they chose the closest beach for their ceremony.

It was a beautiful celebration, with the help of several family members and friends that were ceremonialists, musicians, and speech-givers.

There were lots of beautiful words spoken and even though my French doesn't allow me to fully understand (especially when they speak fast) I could easily understand that there is certainly a lot of love in this family!

Another thing that wasn't lacking that day was fun! The power couple of Son Latino got everyone dancing several times during the day.

The afternoon was enjoyed to the fullest, and so was the swimming pool! Nearly everyone went for a dip, the bride and a couple of bridesmaids even dove in before changing into their bikinis! :D

The night ended with fireworks and lots of hugs on the dance floor! It was an amazing day!


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