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Smiles and celebration!

The comfort felt in the embrace of those we Love is one of the best things in this world!

The proof of that is Inês and Bruno's smiles whenever they are close to each other.

By talking to these two you can easily understand they are happy together, and the thing is that the group of friends they had with them on the big day made that happiness even bigger!

What a wild bunch!

Quinta da Concha welcomed them for a beautiful civil ceremony and it was lovely to see that the tears of happiness made an appearance too, not only in the bride and groom but also through their guests.

Despite some unfortunate events, sore backs, feet in casts, and some failed naps before the wedding, nothing could get in the way of this party.

There were playful children and adults, dancing and fun while K7 Pirata played, loud laughter, and above all an enormous quantity of Love.

At the end of the party, on this full moon night, whoever had the opportunity of sharing the moment with them, as I did, left with a full heart too.

Suit - @guilmans

Entertainers - @k7.pirata


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