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Weddings with emotion

Every wedding has emotions associated with it, but not all of them make people (those getting married and the guests) overflow with emotion.

This one did.

I really enjoy this job of mine, which is made up of sharing important moments with happy people, but I enjoy it even more when people show their emotions without fear during days like these. The memories I capture in images are the source of happiness and emotion for a long time and that makes me proud because I can contribute to the happiness of others that way.

How do you get real emotion out of weddings? That is a great question, to which Luciana and Bruno gave the best answer.

The most popular answer is without a doubt "having the most important people sharing the day with us", and I agree, but I'll add something onto that, something this couple did, that brings the strongest emotions into a wedding ceremony: "reading the words you've written about your significant other."

Reading the vows written by us for the person you are marrying is, in my opinion, one of the most emotional things you can do. I speak from experience because like Luciana and Bruno, I read the words I wrote for my wife on our wedding day and it was one of the moments that stuck with me the most out of the wedding day. And whenever I see that happening at weddings I'm extremely happy because I know that couple is going to remember it.

A lot of people say they're not good at writing and that it is very hard to put Love into words. It may be hard, indeed, but I believe that those who try to do it with honesty can always express what makes the person sharing the altar with them on that day special.

Family and friends close by, the gorgeous venue, the friendly celebrant, the beautiful dress, the elegant suit, the shining wedding rings, the fantastic flowers, and the amusing entertainment, all of it contributes to the emotion of a wedding.

But I can imagine two people exchanging vows in the middle of nowhere, without any of those things, and still see a wedding filled with emotion and Love.

If you can imagine that, then try to imagine what Luciana and Bruno's wedding was like with all the wonderful things I mentioned above.

Their day started with the preparation and baptism of their little princess and continued, emotion-filled, until the end of the party!

Have a look at the photos and tell me what you think.

Dress and suit: @noivasbelina


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