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Bride's dresses

Sometimes what you really need is to make it happen! And often to make it happen all we need is to find the right people that also want to do it!

I wanted to photograph more brides. What did I do? I found a dressmaker that wanted to show off her dresses, a model that wanted to be photographed as a bride, a make-up artist and a hairdresser that wanted to showcase their work, two talented artist that wanted to show their bouquets and a lovely location where we could put it all together in a pleasant way to make beautiful images.

With the help of all those involved, it happened!

Never underestimate people with the will to do!

Here are some images.

Dresses available at Pronuptia Leiria, created by Lucília Pinhal

Make-up - Cristina Landolt

Hair - Sandra Santos

You can find them at Coisas de Mulher

Bijou Bouquets - Myaah by Atelier Carolina Espírito Santo

Natural Bouquet - Gardênia De Cláudia Costa

Location - Lisotel (if you don't know it, go by and wonder at their SPA!!)

Model - Inês V.

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