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Continuous Learning

I was never the kind of person to say that I knew everything. I like to think that I know some stuff and every now and then I like to show that I know, sometimes I exaggerate a bit and I can even be annoying... But I've never refused to learn more since I truly believe that those who stop learning stop living.

That being so I spent last week learning a few more things. I was in BodaF in Porto.

What is BodaF? It's a series of lectures and Master Classes with/for wedding photographers. Not just any wedding photographers speak there, we're talking about the world's best at capturing images of people's special days throughout the planet!

Therefore they were 3 days of trying to absorb as much as possible, listening closely, see amazingly beautiful images and above all thinking of how I could apply it to me, so that I can do more and do it better in the future.

They were long days, it was a significant investment in terms of time and money, but it was well worth it for the inspiration, motivation and for the new people I met and with whom I spoke to. If there's one thing I like it is conversation, and when people are thrilled by the same subjects there is no stopping us!

This week it's time to start putting it into practice!

So keep an eye out because there are some changes and new things coming! ;)

Here's a photograph and a video from the event!

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