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How to win free portraits?

It seems at first glance something that anyone would want, a good photo, done professionally and best of all, for free. There should be heaps of people looking for a chance like that, right? It was what I thought initially, but I was surprised.

When I posted on the 30th of July, friendship day (original post here), with a giveaway to celebrate this day and the milestone of 1000 likes on Carpe Momentum Fotografia's page, I was expecting the response to be a bit more active. But truth be told I didn't make things too easy. I asked whoever wanted to participate to tell me about a friend and that the winners would be the two people who told me the best stories.

This way they would win free portraits, not only for their friends but also for whoever was telling the story.

The idea seemed good, but the participation fell short of what I had hoped. (Even though you can still participate until tomorrow!)

I don't know if my post and/or request was too complex, if I should have posted it more frequently, or if these days people don't feel they're able or willing to describe a friend with a few lines of text. I'd like to know your opinion!

Friendship Day: Portraits for Friends

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