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This is me!

Jorge Bernardes Carpe Momentum Fotografia

People keep telling me I have to show my face more often, so here it is!

This is me and the smile is the one I have (often hidden by the camera that's usually in front of my face) when I see happy people at weddings and beautiful moments in their lives.

Why did I choose to show up in this photo with a Star Wars t-shirt? Because I think it is important for people to be proud of what they like, without fears or being scared of judgment. It is part of living a full life. For me, the fictional world of Star Wars is filled with wonderful stories about big ideas such as Love, friendship, Good and Evil, and doing the right thing. (And the cool ships grab me too!)

I think it's beautiful when the make-believe stories come close to our real lives and we can see the parallels between them and learn lessons.


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