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The stork is coming in March too!

Last month a couple of great friends of mine asked me to photograph them in preparation to receive their firstborn!

I was extremely happy with the confidence they placed in me! But soon after that came the sense of responsibility.

It is not in a completely unpreoccupied fashion that I face a shoot of this nature. It is something important and outstanding in anyone's life, the first child! The situation will never be exactly the same, it is the first time Inês is pregnant, it is the first time that Hugo enthusiastically sees a part of both of them preparing to step into our world.

When one prepares to photograph something so unique there is always a sense of duty, of wanting to do the best one can, so that later they may relive those emotions through the photographs that remain.

Even though the weather didn't allow us to walk about and make more differentiated photographs, I hope I was able to capture images that they are proud to hang on their walls, to show their family and friends.

Inês and Hugo, my hear is full in seeing you so happy, shining and full of desire to discover the new world of parenthood.

Thank you for trusting me.

Big kisses and the biggest of hugs, I hope you like them!

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