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Let the season begin!

For me it's already next week that the wedding season begins and I can't sit still! I excitedly getting everything in order, cleaning the gear, charging batteries and imagining photographs!

Meanwhile I've had other missions, I've planned other sessions and spoken to a bunch of people, always looking forward to being able to make images that people will be proud to have and show!

I'm also planning an exhibit for the future, not with wedding photography but with other things that I've photographed since there is no lack of beautiful thing to see and enjoy in this world. And if it depends on me I'll keep trying to make sure that what is beautiful to see continues to be registered and shown to as many as want to enjoy it.

I don't mean to say that we should forget the bad and the ugly things we've seen, in fact we cannot forget them if we want to change them. But the beautiful things give us hope, they keep our strength up and nourish the soul of those who wish this world to be better.

So here are some images from Carla's and Ricardo's engagement shoot which are likely even more excited than me about what's going to happen next week!

Let there be more love people!

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