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Why is having an album important?

Everyone likes to review their best photographs, that's a fact. When we look at the images we make fresh the memories and when the photographs are good, they are able to generate emotions in us.

When I say that the photographs are good, I'm not speaking necessarily about technically perfect photographs, that is good but it's not what makes a photograph really good. An image with perfect focus and good exposure is no doubt pleasant, but if it doesn't generate in us some type of response, if it doesn't move us emotionally, then it can never be a truly good photograph.

That's why even an out of focus photograph can be good. When all of a sudden one catches a heartfelt hug or a passionate kiss, a hidden tear or an unexpected joining of hands, even if everything isn't technically perfect, that image can make us emotional later, it can remind us of what we felt at the time and make us feel it again.

It is for this reason that reviewing the photographs we have is so important.

The question is how we review them.

These days more and more we look at bright screens in our life and it is there that we see our photographs and those of others, but we often forget that there is a better way to do it, with printed photographs. With images in frames, that we can put on our nightstands, on our walls. And with albums we can create to remember important moments, so that we may relive, show and share them, when we are with family and friends in the same room, sitting on the same couch or around the same table, without doing it by pressing a button with that verb that is becoming more and more impersonal.

Because of that, I'm very proud to create albums and other printed products for my clients, not leaving out more caring ways of keeping the digital part.

From albums to canvases, from fine art prints worthy of beautiful walls to small offers to give to someone special.

I have my space full of images that I like, because I think it is the best decor there is, photography books and albums abound too, since they are the best thing to have on your lap while you have some coffee on the couch.

I don't force anyone to follow the same idea, but I heartily recommend it.

Here are some samples.

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