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United family

I met Daniel, maybe in 2005, if memory doesn't fail me (at it fails more often than I'd like...). I went to Aveiro to visit a friend that was in college, that at the time was living in Daniel's apartment.

At that time it was easy to understand that Daniel was an extremely fun and cheerful person and that those that were around him tended to be the same way.

I wasn't with him many times because my visits to Aveiro weren't regular, we didn't even speak frequently, but we kept in touch. One of the advantages of life supported by the internet these days.

I saw him with Cláudia and their son a couple of years back, completely randomly, in a shopping mall, we caught up a little bit and that was when I realized they were living out of Portugal.

But at the end of last year Daniel contacted me because he was helping in the search for a wedding photographer for Cláudia's sister's wedding. We also spoke about doing a family shoot, to take advantage of the fact that they would be here for the wedding.

And I'm glad we did!

During this bit I spent with them, between Torreira, Aveiro and the wedding, I realized that my initial perception of Daniel was correct. And that's reflected in Cláudia, their son and the way that the three interact as a family. It is funny to see that there is a certain connection between the personalities of the three of them. Playfulness and a good mood exist naturally and because of that it becomes easy to catch moments of fun and union between the three.

At the wedding later it was beautiful to see that Cláudia's family also has a lot of cheerful people, specially her sisters and brother.

This type of interactions convinces me more and more that good moods attract good moods. :)

I really enjoyed this session and I hope that these portraits exist in their home for a long time, because that's a sign that they enjoy them too, that they identify with and see themselves in the images that I created for them.

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