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Welcome March!

We have arrived in March and I believe it will be a good month!

But when you wake up with views like these it is hard not to thing about good things!

The castle waking up in the midst of a foggy blanket and uncovering itself as the sun warms it up, and me waking up with the son stretching its arms through the trees and the fog while I drink my hot coffee, on the balcony, in the middle of the cold morning.

I have woken up earlier and there are days that have these wonderful gifts. :)

As time passes I find out more about myself such as the simple fact that I do not work well without a schedule. After having spent most of my life following schedules in a very (too) rigid way, I decided to enjoy the advantage of not having them, in this liberal and creative job, in the world where there doesn't have to be a set time to stop time in images. However, in losing the schedule I lost a bit of myself too, a bit of my efficiency and work capability. I know that, fortunately, I also lost the foul mood and the lack of will to get up that darkened my spirit in the last stint in my previous job, before I changed my life.

Therefore I have now decided to average the extremes of my life, to set equal weights on both side of the scales to harness the best of both worlds, to give justice to what I am and to my time, to seek the balance and to be able to "suck out all the marrow of life" like Thoreau once wrote.

So I have made my schedule, on an Excel sheet, nice and pretty, with days and times, well divided spaces with the things I do, the ones I need to do and the ones I would like to do. It wasn't easy and it's not finished, I think it never will be, I think it will be a living schedule which will see changes frequently, additions and subtractions as time passes, and as I get to know myself even better and eventually as priorities change.

Along with that I changed the times to my alarm clocks, I leave my cell phone far from the bed so that it can pull me out of it with a strong rope and take me to my coffee and my balcony, if the weather allows, to see the view and organize my thoughts, get my brain cells marching together on their way towards the rest of the day.

But this is not the average. It is not. Averaging things out for me is having the schedule and knowing that I have the liberty, when I so wish or need to, to not follow it. Of letting the rope with which the cell phone lassoes and wakes me break no matter how strong it is, of grabbing a book and sitting on the couch for the odd twenty minutes, of taking two hours to have lunch and chewing everything slowly, with intention while I think about how to improve the food I make, or anything else for that matter. The average is the liberty of being able to do these things until the schedule pulls me back to more orderly affairs and helps me to produce more and better of the several things that I do.

I think that by getting to know myself better and better and averaging my extremes I am able to work towards balance. But balance is easier with movement so now I'm going to move to my next bit on the schedule!

Have a great week!

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