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Running around during the Holidays

The holidays are going strong and the running around is unstoppable! At this time of year there is always lots to do. Among photo shoots, image editing, website adjustments, conversations with brides and grooms, booking sessions, social media management, testing a printer, creating and printing vouchers... And on top of all this doing the Christmas shopping and getting the house ready to welcome the family.

I don't know if it happens to you, but I frequently daydream about having everything done. The myth that is to come to the end of your tasks, all the to dos we have to take care of, line over all the items on the list (or several lists...), tie up the last thing with a lovely figurative bow on top and sit enjoying the wonderfully peaceful life that comes with complete lists with long lines over the letters that describe unfulfilled tasks.

What would I do with all this time of calm and peace of mind? Watch a movie, read a book, go out to photograph with no objective other than just to do it... Maybe I should put these things on a list. The list for the end of lists! The truth is that list already exists, it's just not written. It's in my head.

I have difficulty in understanding those who say they have nothing to do because the thought of it seems so strange to me. One thing is to not have anything you're forced to do, another quite different is to not have anything to do. The first one is desirable, the second one I think will never happen to me. And I'm glad!

Time must be put to good use and the best of this life is to do things, specially if they are the things we want to do! So, let's do the things we have to do with motivation so that we can complete our lists and have the time for what we really like, even if we must sacrifice a bit of sleep!

Best of all is to find someone who thinks the same way, in the middle of this mess!


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