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This year

It's time to review.

This is "the" week for such things, that little bit of the year in which we look at the best and the worst of the 365 days, e go to our crumpled up list that we created last year about this time and we confirm what we were able to do and what will be on our list again this year.

In doing this I realized that maybe my list of things to do this year wasn't good enough, I wasn't specific enough in my objectives.

Last year by this time I had performed a great change in my professional life only three months before... I didn't know exactly what to expect from the year of 2015 and as such my objective was just one, to subsist.

And guess what... I'm still here! I continue to do what I like and this year I did it more than ever!

I photographed a lot, many different things, many places, a lot of situations and above all a lot of people. Those are still my favorite subject.

There were days I got out of bed with the single objective of making good photographs, whether they were of the good mood, happiness and bustle on a wedding day, on the street with things that popped out to my eyes in a walk without a steady heading, or in the studio with someone who came to talk a bit with me while I made some portraits for them.

I had in front of the lens incredible places, some cold, some hot and other so so, because photography makes the best travel postcards.

I adjusted my focus of strangers that I got to know a bit better through the image and on others whose secret images are not enough to unveil, because photography is discovery and mystery at the same time.

I captured with light moments of special days in which people together say "yes" to what is to come and share that adventure with the ones they love most because photography makes memories even better.

I peeked through my favorite window at relatives, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, brothers and sisters, friends, not only my own, some that see each other almost always and others that, even though they are further away from each other, got together to get some pictures taken, to have them close and to see each other more often, because photography is the most enjoyable placebo when you miss someone.

This year my days weren't all like this, but I'm working so that in the future they may be.

And so, for 2016, what do I want?

The same that I wish to everyone: More and better of what you like!

I leave you with the first photograph of today, one of the last of the year. Opening your eyes in the morning and seeing this inspires anyone! A golden awakening!

P.S. - Tomorrow I'll make a post with some of the photos I consider to be my best from 2015. ;)

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