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More timeless smiles

Once again I visited a retirement home so I could make some portraits of the people living there.

This time I went to Associação Humanitária da Barosa. I was welcomed by those who work there that, with enthusiasm, helped me prepare what would be a different day for those that would be photographed.

During a morning and two afternoons I photographed several people, some individually and others also with the company of some relatives that visited them so they could be in the portraits too.

It is noticeable that independently of age there are things that stay true. Some of us are more at ease when we are photographed and others are more nervous and held back. It is curious to see that in most cases when we add a friend or relative, the nervous ones relax and the relaxed ones cheer up even more.

Even when the friends or relatives are not present just their mention brings smiles to people's faces. That's why I often like to chat and ask about them. Try to find out who is the relative or friend that is going to get a picture of them.

The connections between us go beyond physical presence, and the memory of someone sometimes can cheer us up almost as much as their presence. But it is never exactly the same thing.

Speaking on the phone or through the internet is better than not keeping in touch, it is. But it is not the same thing as being present and giving a hug or a kiss.

Therefore if you can be present, do so. Hug and kiss and make more memories for when you can't be there.

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