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Now there's a studio!

This year I decided to give myself a big present and with it new opportunities!

As I mentioned in the previous post, this year I will be truly dedicated to freelance photography and as such I decided to search for a space that would serve not only as my workplace, where I can go and have a more regular work schedule in order to maximize my productivity, but also so that I could have a place where I could invest in other photographic activities such as portraits, hence, a studio!

After deciding that this was what I wanted to do, the running around started, searching for a space, finding out the necessary details, with the additional challenge that I set for myself, because I had a date in mind on which I'd like to welcome some people and have a sort of "inauguration" of the space, my birthday.

My birthday was this past weekend and I was able to make it happen, but I definitely didn't do it alone.

I did it with my family's help because they gave me their opinions and important information during the whole process, with Cátia's, Bruno's and Nuno's help, who helped me to find the right space. Cátia and Bruno also helped me with the adventure of getting furniture to put in the store, which Bruno and Samarão helped me to put together!

The plan that I had for the walls involved hanging several images so that whoever visits the space can have an immediate contact with my work and fortunately I have Bárbara's, Carolina's and Joana's help to get all those frames ready!

On the day I managed to gather my family and also some of these people that helped me, as well as some others that said yes to my invitation, to help me celebrate.It was a day well spent, with some photographs in the mix, and now all I have to do is to keep working, and to get all the details taken care of so that everything is in perfect working order.I hope you come visit my space soon, and who knows, in the future your picture your photograph might end up on these walls too!

P.S. - Some of the photographs of the even were shot by my sister, by Bruno Carnide and by Cátia Biscaia. Once again, thank you for your help! ;)

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