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The importance of going

I love snow.

It is something relatively recent in my life and unfortunately I haven't gone every year since I discovered snow and skiing. I heartily recommend it to those who have never tried it and I frequently announce it as some of the best holidays that can be had since it mixes a lot of fun with a bit of sport. For those who like these things it is really very good!

At the end of last year, friends of mine talked to me about going skiing and I, being the type of person that clings to logic by default, thought that maybe it wouldn't be a very good idea, given my new professional situation. There are certain things that are quite a lot simpler to plan when you have a salary dropping into your bank account at the end of the month...

After a enthusiastic internal debate between "go, it'll be good for you" and "stay where you are and save your pennies" in which valid arguments flew back and forth like very precise missiles and the winner of the battles varied with each passing hour, I ended up convincing myself to go.

I was decided but now I had to set a limit for myself. A number that would act as my rein and help me control the momentum of my will to spend money on stuff.

And so I did. I decided on going, decided on my limit and I was decided to uphold it.

And I'm glad I did.

This way I had the chance to do something I love doing and that I hadn't done for two years, I went down the slopes, took my falls, spent some time with friends I see less often, saw wonderful scenery, met new people that made my trip even more worthwhile and, of course, I took photographs! :)

That's why I think going is important, even when some times it does not seem like the most logical decision. I'm not in favor of dropping everything and going without limits, I think I have in me a bit more balance than that, which I think is healthy, but sometimes one has to remember that being perfectly still isn't always the most balanced thing to do.

So let the "go, it'll be good for you" win every once in a while, just to keep you balanced. ;)

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