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Change is good

The new year is almost at the end of its fourth month and I still haven't shown you the collection of the best from 2017! But I'm promising that right now! I also have some beautiful photos from this year to show you, that will show up in the next posts on the blog!

But the news today, and the reason for this post, is the fact that I've completely remodeled the site!

You know that will to change something that we all get every once in a while? There are people that reorganize their living room or the storage in their garage, there are those who go to the hairdresser/barbershop to do something radically different and then there are others, like me, that start fooling around with webdesign! :p

I decided to put this will to change together with some feedback I had received about the site and I tried not only to update it with photographs from the last year of work, but also to make it easier to navigate.

This way you can easily see several examples of the different types of photographs I make, and you can also very simply get in touch through the website to ask me whatever you wish! :)

I hope you like it and I need to know what you think about it!

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