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The Best of 2017

The 2018 wedding season starts going strong this weekend but, before that, I have some photos from 2017 to show you.

Last year was a big one for me, since it was the first year in which I worked from my own studio. It isn't really that necessary for a photographer that specializes in weddings to have a studio, because most of what I shoot does not happen here, but it was a big step that gave me that feeling that I'm starting to be a big boy! :p

The studio is also important for me, because it gives me the chance to do another thing that I love: portraits. Despite the fact that in an era of many selfies portraits aren't as popular, I think it is always a good thing for people to have access to someone that makes the kind of images that we offer to the ones we love most and that we hang on the walls.

During this past year, I had the pleasure of meeting many couples in love, having fun with them and giving them photographs that made them happy, helping to make their day unforgettable. That is what I love doing.

2017 was a year with a lot of growth and work and, fortunately, it seems that 2018 is taking the same route! One must keep tuning up the gear and polishing the skills to make photos that are better time after time!

And, besides that, one has to continue to plan some neat things to grow in other fields of photography and more! After all I like teaching and if I can teach a bit of photography I think I'll be happy about it.

Have you thought about taking a workshop? :)

So here we go, without further ado, take a peak at the wedding photos I selected from 2017, while you think about learning some tricks so that you too can make better photographs.

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