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2020 was bad... but good too!

2020, many say it was a bad year. I don't like the general statement.

I think it was a year that had bad things, no doubt. Among them is mainly a worldwide pandemic and all the bad things that came with it.

We were and still are (at the time of my writing) restricted in our movements and liberties to help control the pandemic and to protect our health. That had and still has side effects that most of us feel in our lives (it's hard for me to imagine people that haven't been affected), both in terms of work, as well as in our day-to-day lives, and also in our relationships with other people.

Even so, I think it was a year that had good things too.

There are always moments of happiness that we can take from life, even in the hardest times.

There are probably people who took advantage of the lockdown(s) to reinvent themselves, to change something in their homes, or to learn something new. There are those who read the books or watched the tv shows that they had been wanting to for so long and hadn't found the time. There are certainly those who got to know more of the people with whom they share a house, be it their parents, their kids, or significant others. Personally, I did all of these. :)

Besides that 2020 was the first year in which I won awards for photographs made in the realm of weddings. Yes, awards plural, 3 of them! Two photos awarded on Inspiration Photographers and another on This is Reportage! Two associations that are made up of photographers from all over the world and where hundreds of beautiful photographs compete in each round.

You can see them below.

Despite everything that happened I was still able to photograph some people, weddings (few but good ones), and beautiful families (a bunch), people who are in my heart for having relied on me to make them happy with photographs during this year that was a bit strange.

You can see the best photos of 2020 in the slideshow below. :)

Beyond all this, the best thing that happened to me in 2020 was that I was able to marry my significant other. It was a huge adventure because, like many other couples, we were forced to postpone and adjust our wedding day to the restrictions of the time, but despite everything we had an incredibly happy day, captured in photographs by Valter and Paula of Fotolux. (Here are a few photos made by them.)

My bride is the prettiest in the world (to me)! All I can wish for brides and grooms is that they can see their other half on the day of their wedding the way I saw mine, with a happy tear in the corner of my eye. :)

For all these reasons I tell you that I don't like the general statement and that 2020 was good too.

Besides we can hold on to the positive thought that 2021, in quite a few ways, will easily be better. ;)


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