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Congratulations to Carpe Momentum... and to me too!

Yesterday was a day for celebrations!

I celebrated 37 years of age, Carpe Momentum's studio celebrated its 3rd year, even though Carpe Momentum itself has been in existence for 6, and I quit smoking 2 years ago.

So, lots of good things.

I am happier today than at any other point in my life. I found my other half and I've been preparing my own wedding that is happening this year too. That's why I've been a bit out of it when it comes to social network posting. I'm sorry! But it's for a good cause!

Carpe Momentum has plenty of wind in its sails, it has been growing at a good rhythm with brides and grooms continuing to believe in the work I do and making me happy with the feedback I receive from them. On top of that this year started off beautifully with two awards from the Inspiration Photographers community (You can have a look at the post from January 29th on Instagram). I can say that I've never been as happy with my work but I still think that there is, and always will be, room to learn more. If it wasn't that way it probably wouldn't be as fun. ;)

I'm today at one of the healthiest points in my life. Maybe if I was comparing myself with 17-year-old me, he would be healthier because he was practicing basketball or karate on a daily basis, but it's been 20 years darn it... and that young man hadn't started smoking yet. So the fact that I can, at 37 years of age compare myself with 17-year-old me and think that I'm relatively close to that isn't bad at all!

I'm a lucky one but I also work towards building my own luck. I'm very thankful for all those who are with me, especially the lady in the Star Wars shirt in the photo above.

If the years to come are like this, then let them come that I will happily count them up. :)


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