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Looking back at the start

These are Andreia and Rui, they were the bride and groom of the first wedding I've ever photographed. They met at the university in Aveiro. Looks exchanged across the cafeteria, that sort of thing. ;)

I met Rui when we were 6, in the first grade but we were studying very far apart when I met Andreia through him.

I was really happy when they asked me to photograph their wedding. They told me it was going to be a very small celebration but they had to have pictures.

I had ZERO wedding experience back then. At the time I was quitting the job that I had been in for over 10 years but I knew that I wanted to photograph people in Love and to bring happiness to the world that way.

They trusted me and gave me the chance to take my first steps in that direction.

This was in 2014. Looking back at the pictures I'm still really proud of them and I hope they keep making Andreia and Rui happy.

P.S. - I miss having coffee with you guys!


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