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Marlene e Marco | Engaged

It is wonderful to star the year off this way! This was the first engagement shoot of the year and despite it being winter and the cold, the sun was with us during our Sunday afternoon stroll.

I've know Marco for a few years because we studied together and so I was happy to hear he was getting married and I was even happier when he and Marlene chose me to be their photographer!

When we spoke about their engagement shoot, I asked them if there were any places they would like to take pictures in. Since Marlene is from Monte Redondo and they met due to the fact that Marco also worked in the Leiria area, we decided to start right there in Monte Redondo, at the small railroad station of the West line that still seens about a half-dozen trains every day.

We didn't get on the train but we did take a small trip after that to the Ervedeira lagoon, a beautiful place that I had never seen before, but that I will certainly visit again, specially during the summer when it starts getting really hot! :)

After spending a bit of time with these two it is easy to see how much they love each other and how the smiles flow between them. It makes my quite happy to see couples like this, that go well together and to which being together is the most natural state.

It was an afternoon well spent, with a constant good mood which we used to battle the cold!

And now all we can do is wait for the big day so that we can make even more beautiful pictures on that day too!

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