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It took a while but it was bigger because of it!

Sílvia and Pedro have been sharing their lives for quite a while now and they had planned to get married in 2020. It wasn't possible that year, but this year it was! And their family was already bigger. :)

You know there is always a lot of running around on a wedding day and usually when there is a christening too, there are always some more things to do. However, with the right helpers, you can do it all!

It was a Love filled ceremony, with family and friends eagerly sharing their smiles and good moods. Throughout the day another constant was great music, which started right at the church with João Santos playing his violin.

Music in fact is so important to Sílvia and Pedro that they took their favorite songs and used them to decorate the venue at Quinta dos Lagos, where the party took place.

And what a party! Right as they arrived there was more good music to the sound of Joel Ferreira's saxophone, which got everyone moving right away.

During the afternoon there was dancing on the lawn, sword fights (the inflatable kind of course), and delicious cakes were cut.

The great music continued into the night at the hands of DJ Pedro Braga, and the couple celebrated by dancing together and with their guests. At the end of the night, they relaxed for a moment on the couch while they thought about the wonderful day that was coming to an end. :)

Dress - @ais_damor

Suit - @boss

Music in the church - @violinlamouche

Florist - @folhas_soltas_


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