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5 reasons to have an engagement shoot before your wedding!

Couple photo shoot S. Martinho do Porto

I'm sure you've all heard about and seen images of these sessions that happen before the wedding. Some call them engagement sessions, couple's sessions, pre-wedding, etc.

But why is it a good idea to do one of these with the person that is going to photograph you on the big day?

1. Getting comfortable with who is photographing you:

You want to be relaxed on your wedding day and you want it to be visible in your photos!

Relaxed and happy, right? And how often do you feel comfortable when you barely know a person that is close to you for an entire day?

During a photoshoot like this, you'll have the chance to talk to who is going to photograph you, exchange experiences, and get to know a bit more about what you saw in the meeting that made you like this person and book them.

2. Getting comfortable in front of the camera:

Most couples I photograph aren't professional models, and many of them say they are not super comfortable in photos, especially when they have the leading role. This is perfectly normal and once again this session will give you the chance to get used to being in that role and to be confident because with the help of your photographer and some tips we give along the way, you'll see you're going to look awesome in the photos!

3. Trying out your wedding day look:

Of course, you're not going to wear the wedding dress and suit for the engagement shoot, here we want something a bit more relaxed in terms of clothing. But there are other things, like make-up and hair, that you may want to try out and take advantage of the session to get it in photos. This way you can test it out and then make any adjustments you want for the wedding day.

4. Celebrate your history and share the news:

This session is a great opportunity to visit places that are connected to you, where you met, the beach you went to when you started dating, the café you sat in for your first date, etc. In my opinion, these photoshoots can be very different and you can and should make it so your shared story shows in your photographs.

Besides that, you can use your photographs from the session to announce your upcoming celebration on social media or even use the photos for your invitations or save the date.

5. Decorating your house and your wedding venue:

There's nothing like beautiful photographs around the house to remind you of a fun moment from this special time in your life together and of your commitment on the path to your wedding.

Not to mention that you can also use your photographs for your seating plan at the venue or even for the table numbers for example!

I hope these 5 reasons can easily convince you that it is worth it to have an engagement shoot!

Have you had yours or have you planned it?


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