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Sara & João | Married

For this first wedding of 2017 I went back to the place where I grew up, São João da Madeira, to photograph Sara and João's party.

On the day that the Pope visited Portugal and that we won the Eurovision Song Conquest there was much to celebrate. (Yes, I know that it was also the day that we got the national football champion, but I'm not the greatest fan of football, and my team didn't win so let's not talk about that). But I was happy because I was involved in the celebration of Love between two people which, in my book, is the best of celebrations.

On this cloudy day, that even gave us a few drops of rain, it was clear that the family that was present and the friends were enough to bring the light and good mood necessary for a great party.

Many conversations were had and catching up was done (Sara had family visiting from abroad), there were surprise musical numbers for the bride and groom, close hugs, some hidden tears revealing happiness, constant bustle, with cake, fireworks, dances with the young and the old, and of course, photographs!

I know that Sara and João are fans of traveling, that fact was clear in the decoration they chose for the dinner tables, and at this time they are enjoying their honeymoon, but they might stop at the end of the day, tired of lying at the beach and walking about, and relax by admiring some of the photos of the big day.

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