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Nádia & Humberto | Married

This time the happy ones were Nádia and Humberto and the people whom they love the most that gathered for an intimate ceremony at Casa da Nora, which bears witness to the passing of the river Lis before it gets to the city of Leiria.

In this out of the ordinary ceremony, to which the bride and groom arrived together, there were smiles and hugs, in a welcoming place, lunch to the sound of smooth music and of the river flowing by the watermill, and also lots of conversation that flowed easily as only the closest people can make it flow, effortlessly and without superfluousness.

The key here was truly the proximity and simplicity of two individuals happy to be joined in matrimony and for the presence of the ones they consider most important.

During the afternoon we had the opportunity to walk around at the Ervedeira Lagoon, where the bride and groom turned some heads and went along receiving greetings and well wishes from those that passed by us. And I went along making some photographs that I hope will always bring the good memory of a well enjoyed day to a couple made to be together.

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