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Raquel & David | Married


Time is one of the things that builds a strong relationship. I'm not talking about the time that flies by in our day-to-day lives and that we can't quite hang on to, but rather the time that we give to the other person, when we set everything else aside, we put the world on pause and focus on that one person that makes the passing of time make sense.

At Raquel and David's wedding, whom I had had the chance to photograph for their engagement shoot, I realized that they are a couple in which clearly each of them has given much of their time to the other.

The old pocket watch that David used, which was fixed by Raquel's father, and that she gave to him, is a physical representation of that. And even though the physical object is beautiful it's figurative meaning is even more so.

This was a day of strong connections, from the objects filled with meaning, the pets that are part of the family, the families that intertwine and to the many shared friends.

There was good weather, high spirits (to which the hairdos of those without hair also contributed), shared happiness and heart felt speeches (with great advice given). There was emotion, in the songs that were sung and in the blessings that were given. There were tight hugs, thrown petals and rice, LOTS of rice!

The bride and groom partied into the night accompanied by people having fun and that were most of all joyful for their happiness, and for being together with them in celebration.

Raquel and David, I hope that each one of those grains of rice that hit you transforms into a moment of shared happiness sometime in your future!

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