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The race has begun!

Summer in Portugal is a synonym of some good things:

- Good weather;

- Beach;

- Vacations (for those not working for the next bullet);

- Weddings!

July, August and September are normally the months in which the most weddings happen, and as such, photographing a lot and editing a lot more are the things I do the most. This inadvertently means that some times the other things I do for myself, like writing here on the blog, making post with beautiful photographs on Instagram, etc., get left behind.

Fortunately for Facebook I have the valuable assistance of a person that does a great job when it comes to managing social networks for several projects. That person is Cátia Biscaia, that besides being a photographer too (you can see her work here!), is someone that has the gift of choosing the best words to go along with the images I make. (If you need someone to help you in that field get in touch with her.)

But here I am, saying "mea culpa" and sharing with you some photos of two recent weddings (Andreia and Daniel, and also Patrícia and Ricardo).

I hope you enjoy them and I also hope that you're eventually taking advantage or having fun with some of the bullets of the list above! ;)


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