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Elisabete & Ricardo | Married

I haven't been as dutiful as I should here with you on the blog, but because of that I already have a resolution for the future when it comes to posts about weddings! Don't let them fall behind!

Fortunately what's been making me fall behind is the good amount of weddings that I've had to photograph and so today I'm here to tell you a bit about the story of one of them.

Elisabete and Ricardo are living in France with their little one, Kevin. However, it is well known that to have a great party, in Summer, specially when it's a wedding and christening party, the right place to have it is in Portugal!

So they came and brought with them many friends and relatives (some living abroad as well) to enjoy their great celebration in August in our beautiful country, taking advantage of the sun and holidays in the best way possible!

The day started off early and was quite busy, it is normally so for a wedding and on that day there was also Kevin's christening happening at the same time. Fortunately on that part Kevin's godfather and godmother (Ricardo's brother and Elisabete's sister) were a great help!

The party lasted until late, always with a lot of cheer and it seemed that not even the little ones wanted to go to bed!

The following week I met up with Elisabete and Ricardo again to do the shoot we had planned for after the wedding. On this day, with more time and without the worry of the stricter wedding day schedules, we went to Nazaré's lighthouse, we passed through the pine forest on the way to S. Pedro de Moel and we ended up at Praia Velha (Old Beach) to make some photographic memories at sunset.

Here are the photos.

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