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Verónica & Lucile | Married

Today I have another of this summer's weddings to show you. :)

Is it special? Of course, every wedding is, in particular for those who marry and for those who are present and joyful for the happiness of the couple.

I even thought about saying that this wedding, besides being special was different too, but in thinking about the words, I came to the conclusion it is not. The basis is the same and it's the reason why two people should marry: because they Love each other and because they want to share a life together.

In my opinion what is missing the most in this world is Love. And Love is ours to give to whom we wish.

Verónica and Lucile came from France, in August, to get married in Portugal. They arrived with family members and friends and joined others who were waiting here fore them.

It was spectacular to see two families that are quite different celebrating together this day with such spirit and enthusiasm, as if they were long time friends that hadn't seen each other in a long time.

The ceremony and party took place at Quinta da Boubã on a very sunny day in this hot August we had.

The brides have several likes, among which the tattoos that they both have, and also one that I enjoy: comic book heroes (which they used to decorate the tables for their guests). Me and them have even played some of the same video games in the past.

Sometimes the right people come right into your path. It's the Universe up to its tricks! :)

Even though there was a bit of a language barrier (my French is quite far from being perfect), we understood each other well and we got beautiful images, as would be expected.

As if that wasn't enough, the following week we got together again for their trash the dress shoot. It was a fun adventure because we went up into the hills, at Serra de Aire (a group of hills and mountains near Leiria, close to where some of Verónica's family lives) to make some photos next to an old mill that belongs to their family.

An what amazing sights there are over that way!

Here are the photographs.

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