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Susana & Fábio | Married

Susana and Fábio got married in September, but our photographic adventures started a few weeks before when we went for a stroll on a fine August afternoon. We walked around in Porto de Mós, where they met some years ago and we also hopped on over to the beach to enjoy the sun. :)

From that moment it was clear that these two have a great Love for each other and, even though in the beginning they were noticing I was there, as time went by and as we talked they got more and more comfortable in their afternoon date.

So, on their wedding day everything was easier: they already knew the tricks and knew me a bit better too and, from the start of the day, everything flowed naturally.

It was beautiful to see delighted people around them, and those people, as is the case in most of the lively weddings, partied vigorously. Because that's the way it should be.

From the ceremory at Juncal to the party itself at D. Nuno, there were lots of good things, with smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses, tears of happiness and also some that come from missing the ones that could not be there.

During the afternoon, we made time to go for a walk at the ecological park in Pia do Urso to photograph the bride and groom in one of the prettiest places of the Leiria region. (If you haven't visited it yet, I recommend it!)

After that we got back together with the family and friends and the party continued into the night!

Here are the photos that prove all of it.


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