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Diana & Paulo | Married

Diana and Paulo did it differently! Their wedding was at Quinta do Vizo, in Figueira da Foz, but before the ceremony and the party, they gathered their family to have a big lunch! :)

Contrary to most couples, Diana and Paulo chose to get ready in the same house. For them, it was the most natural choice in the world and I also thought it was fun, because it's not every day that the groom peeks in on the bride during make-up and hair! The high heels were traded for all stars and the jacket stayed home and gave way to the vest and the rolled up sleeves, so that they could be at ease, to match the great summer day we were enjoying.

There was an air of happiness in that house: fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, uncles and aunts, cousins - all together creating that bride or groom's house bustle on a wedding day, but times two.

The kitchen was busy, lunch for a lot of people, but with the hands of a lot of people helping out. There were desserts and Tentúgal pastries, oh the Tentúgal pastries...

Lots of conversations and laughter were heard, plates were passed along the wide table, toasts were made and all this before the ceremony.

After they had lunch and were ready, along with their little son who was looking really dapper in his suit, we got on the road towards the Quinta.

It was a civil ceremony and the good mood of the bride and groom as well as their guest's was a constant. But, even so, the bride and groom managed to do something else differently: since they already had the same surname, they didn't need to exchange them! :D

At the end of September the sunset comes around sooner, but before that, we still managed to walk around the quinta to make some photographs of the couple, before they went in to have dinner. There was even time to plant a tree and to do some dance moves!

During dinner there were lots of conversations and games. Those who have one of those uncles that like to do puzzles and challenges with toothpicks and glasses and forks have entertainment already included in their party!

The gifts were also original, because the bride and groom offered a little book with their recipes accompanied by a few lovely measuring spoons, literally, they were heart-shaped!

The party continued with cake, games and dancing (people were seriously rocking the Macarena!).

Here are the photos so you can see how it went.

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