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Filipa & Remy | Married

Here it is: the last wedding of 2017! Honestly, it was a fantastic way to finish a year's work, on a perfect day illuminated by the November sun, people in a great mood and a walk next to the river Lis, in Leiria.

Filipa and Remy are an extremely well-humored couple. They are the type of people that naturally smile at the world, but that smile specially to each other.

Their wedding was at Quinta das Palmeiras, and the relaxed environment was warmed up not only by the sun, but mainly by the warm laughter and hugs of friends and family.

After the ceremony we escaped a bit for a stroll near the Lis river, right in the center of Leira. It was a very fun moment in which the bride and groom naturally showed their closeness and where it was easy to make beautiful photos. The advantage of this being a winter wedding is that there weren't as many people walking near the river as on a summer Saturday, seen as it is quite a popular place for it!

After that we returned to the Quinta for dinner and it was lovely to catch Filipa and Remy dancing with each other "hidden" from everyone while they waited for the guests to take a seat in the room, before they made their entrance. Things that people in love do. :)

Between dinner, the toasts and the dancing there was a lot of fun. And there was also a cake to cut, with some fireworks to take your mind of the cold that stubbornly arrived outside. The dancing and the enjoyment continued inside until late, and here there was no cold coming in because there was a lot of Love heating up the room.

Here are the photos.

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