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Daniela & Leandro | Married

I know, the last blog post has dust on it already! It's true. And now as a way to recover we're going Back to Future, we'll have to go back there into the past so that we can return to the present and get stuff moving along correctly into the future. I'll be your Marty McFly and you'll be my "Doc". :D

This wedding season was busy and I wanted to reduce the delivery time for the final pictures to the brides and grooms, which I managed to do, but it forced to reduce the rhythm of posts here on the blog.

There, it's explained, and I hereby promise to do better in the future.

Now let's get to the main event, Daniela, Leandro, their ceremony and the little bundle of joy, Sofia.

It was still a winter's day (coincidentally my birthday) in which there was no rain but the wind and the cold made their presence noticeable.

Fortunately the smiles of the bride and groom, the family and friends that joined them, warmed up the environment and we spent a beautiful day in S. Pedro de Moel, with the privilege of during the party, at the Mar & Sol Hotel, being able to see the beautiful waves of the ocean churned by the wind.

Just like the theme that Daniela and Leandro chose for their table decor indicated, whenever the right people are beside you, no matter the wind or cold that comes around, Life is Beautiful!

A few days after the weeding, instead of the more customary "trash the dress", we went for a walk in Leiria and São Pedro, to make some more photos happen, firstwith Daniela and Leandro and then with little Sofia too.

Here are the pictures, I hope you enjoy them!

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