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Quirina & Rúben | Married

When I first met Quirina and Rúben I quickly got that feeling that they were the type of couple that see each other as great friends. The way that they were around each other, the playfulness, everything showed off their closeness. I remember thinking right then and there that they were precisely the type of couple I like photographing the most.

They came from Switzerland to get married in Portugal, and as such we kept in touch a lot via email, but we met in person a few times before the big day.

One of those occasions was on one of the weekdays, the week before the wedding, on which we went on a stroll through Ourém for their engagement shoot.

It was a joyful walk about, joy that was continued on the wedding day, with family and friends.

When they left the church, the most orginal bride and groom transportation that I have ever seen, was waiting for them, to take them from the ceremony location to the party venue. It was properly decorated mind you! And it was a complete surprise to both of them, coordinated by the bride's sister!

The party itself took advantage of the great weather and a lot of the entertainment was organized by friends. There were games that left everyone laughing and that made it really easy for me to capture moments of fun.

The commotion lasted until late but I left this wedding with a smile on my lips, with the feeling that I had just seen two friends of mine living a day of immense happiness and that I had been there capturing all the moments into photographs to give to them.

Quirina and Rúben, may I get to see more of you, always like that, happy and very close together! :)


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