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Elisabete & Carlos | Married

Yes, I am a bit bad about keeping it regular on the blog. It's a wrinkle I'm trying to iron out, but it seems I need a better iron!

But that doesn't reduce the value of the stories that are told here so, here goes another one!

Elisabete and Carlos are a friendly and good-humored couple that I had the chance to photograph during the 2018 season. First we met up in Lisbon to walk around their usual places.

We started off at their place, where I was able to witness one of the hobbies they do together: playing console games. But none of these modern things, the classics my people, the classics. :)

Since the weather was nice, we quickly set off for a stroll around some of Lisbon's beautiful spots, right next to the river Tejo, without forgetting a pit stop at the restaurant where they had dinner together the first time.

On the day of their wedding there were matching bridesmaids and groomsmen, all of them very happy to escort the bride and groom to the party!

There was a huge adventure with my car but let's not go off on a tangent. Suffice it to say that my car drove through spots where some tractors fail. Oh Google Drive, I shall never again trust you 100%!

But still we all got to the ceremony perfectly on time and, after it, the party moved to Quinta da Ramila where the heat and the excitement lasted until late! :D

We had time to walk a bit around the Quinta and make beautiful photos and after that there was a lot of dancing and even some pairs of pants that did not make it through them intact!

It was, without a doubt, a day well spent, with lots of Love in the mix.

Have a look.


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