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Cátia & João Pedro | Married

Even though all the photographs of last year's weddings have been delivered for quite some time, I'm still struggling to catch things up here on the blog! It is a great challenge, let me tell you. It is great being your own boss but there is always that feeling that there are lots of things to do and very little time to do them in.

Delivering the photos to the bride and groom is the priority, it always has been and always will be, the rest comes later.

So let's jump into what really matters! :)

Cátia and João Pedro are a couple that loves to travel (you can check that out yourselves on their travel Instagram @story.overseas ) and they came to me through a common friend, cousin of the groom, who is a commercial pilot and very possibly has taken them on trips!

We had the chance to meet in person, after we chatted initially on Skype, for their engagement shoot during which we started by walking around the beautiful garden at the Monserrate Palace and then we still ventured going to Adraga beach. I could tell these two really like adventure and exploration, besides really liking each other.

The big day was well spent, with lots of family, even some that came from across the Atlantic, games and fun stuff. The ceremony and the party were both at Quinta dos Mações in Alcabideche, a place that I had never been to but that I love because of the spaces both in the quinta and also the interesting surroundings that were great to make some beautiful photographs!

The rest of the story is in the photos!


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