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Diana & Diego | Married

When people talk about chance putting together people that were meant to be together, I always remember this couple's story, Diana and Diego. She is Portuguese, he is Bolivian, they had a mutual friend (Bárbara, who obviously was one of the bridesmaids, you'll soon understand why), that worked with her and that had studied with him, in the United States of America.

One day, Diego came to Portugal, to wander, to visit his friend, and Bárbara took Diana along. And that's how their story started. :)

The truth is that I also worked with Diana and Bárbara, and it was thanks to Diana's desire to go to the United States, to do her PhD (and Diego was there!) that I had an excellent part-time job waiting for me when I decided to change my life and make photography my way of living.

Because of all these connections I was obviously very happy when they chose me to photograph the big day!

Friends and family came from all over the world, people stayed for a few days and there were tours in groups before the wedding.

We had the chance to go for a walk at the Castle in Ourém, where we did their engagement shoot.

On the day of the ceremony it was wonderful to see multiple languages spoken, there were ring bears (yes, bears! First time I saw that pun come to life! ahah) and people danced well and until late! Oh and there was more partying after the wedding!

There was and abundance of Love and happiness. The best one can wish for.

Have a look at the photos here. ;)


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