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Carla & Hugo | Married

So, I promised it before so here we go: the first wedding of this year finally on the blog!

Yes, it happened on the 4th of May and the photographs were delivered to the bride and groom still during the month of their wedding but my blog hasn't received all of my attention. My objective, which I now declare, is to get to the end of 2019 with all the weddings of 2019 published on the blog! And if I'm slacking, feel free to pick on me! :)

The story these two share is quite interesting, specially because they aren't the type of couple that has known each other for a couple of years. Carla and Hugo have been together for 25 years! They decided that this was the year to have their celebration. And after that great decision, they put it into practice even better.

The ceremony was at Leiria's "Sé", with their family and friends filling the big space with life!

The wedding had one of the best Hallelujahs I've ever heard since I've started making a living photographing weddings.

In fact, the whole day was filled with music because Carla has a strong family connection to Fado. It's a part of her, quite literally. :)

The party theme was Alice in Wonderland, and Alice was there too. Yes, their little dog is called Alice, she is a lot of fun and was clearly very happy because her humans were getting married!

The tables were decorated with couples that lived great Love stories, like Carla and Hugo's. Oh and between courses there was, as it was expected, fado!

The party was strong and it was crowned with a beautiful cake made at a spot called Hello Darling in Marinha Grande, where you can even find one of the people in these photos! :D

All I can wish them is: may the next 50 be even better than the first 25! ;)

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